Heil instructs the following:
  • Bootcamp
  • In just 30 minutes of a high energy class you are sure to wake you up and boost your endorphins. This class is meant to improve your cardiovascular health and strengthen ALL your muscles while aiming for a high heart rate to burn calories. Boot Camp is geared to individuals of all fitness levels.

  • Functional TRX for Cyclists

  • Balance & Strength
  • This class offers the basics of strength training, core exercises, and stretching of major muscle groups. The workout will provide you with a variety of exercises to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and balance for daily living. Equipment used will vary to include resistance bands, balance pads, dumbbells, stability balls and more!

  • AM-Fit
  • AMfit is the ultimate way to start your day. Come move, sweat, and jam out to great tunes with the sunrise. Your instructor will lead you through a circuit style one hour class that will challenge your strength and cardiovascular system. This workout combines kettlebells, dumbells, body weight exercises, bosu balls, and an occasional run around the parking lot.