Denise Henquet-Sprenger

Denise received her Pilates certification in Germany and then traveled the world to do Pilates workshops to learn about the body and enhance her classes. Denise's background is in marketing and launching new products and brands, although she has always had a passion for Pilates. After a few car accidents she began Pilates and noticed how helpful it was for her rehabilitation. Being strong, healthy, and fit herself, Denise enjoys teaching Pilates to help others feel good about their bodies.

Denise Henquet-Sprenger instructs the following:
  • Mat Pilates + (Intermediate & Advanced)
  • Mat Pilates + is geared towards intermediate and advanced pilates students.  One can expect to see many more variations of exercises in addition to higher volume of exercises in the class.  In this class your instructor will ADD (+) a bonus to the class by incorporating a pilates prop such as the bosu ball, swiss ball, flexband, and foamroller. Each week there will be a new prop to keep things fresh and exciting.