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The most convenient and economical way to combine our treatments to create your perfect day!



Expand your spa experience by adding any of our Enhancements to a 50 minute spa treatment of choice.

75 minutes $190

Couple's Getaway

A bottle of Mumm Sparkling and Woodhouse Chocolates to set the stage. Then allow our therapists to transport you to that blissful state by selecting your preferred massage.

50 minutes $147.50 per person                80 minutes $197.50 per person  


Select one 50-minute and one 80-minute Spa treatment of your choice for a very special experience.

2 hour, 10 minutes $295 


Let’s call it extravagant. Choose any two of your preferred 80-minute treatments from our opulent array of massage, body and face services.

2 hours $345

Taste of Napa Valley

Select two of your favorite 50-minute “varietals” to compose your perfect spa day.

1 hour, 40 minutes $235  

Outrageous Indulgence

“Out of the box” outrageous! Your choice from our most coveted therapies that everyone should experience – at least once! An extensive day of treatments complimented with lunch poolside. Your choice of any three 80-minute spa treatments.

3 hours, 30 minutes $500